Inflate/Deflate Tech

E-Swift Electric Pump

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Pump Up Your Adventure

20PSI Pump

The E-Swift quickly helps you get your paddleboard ready for some serious fun. With a whopping 20 PSI inflation level, you can count on your boards being pumped up to the max, ready to deliver an epic and stable ride for all your water adventures!

Deflate Function

Once you've had your fill of fun with your inflatable, effortlessly make the switch to the deflate function by merely changing the hose. Leaving your equipment compact and ready for easy storage or your next adventure.

Robust Tactile Design

With its carefully designed neoprene handles, substantial rubber buttons, and a robust casing, this device is meticulously crafted to be fully prepared for all your journeys, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of your adventures while providing you with a reliable and durable companion every step of the way.

Inflate And Deflate Function

Effortlessly inflate and deflate with automatic shut-off, leaving you free to focus on other things.

Padded Carry Handles

Neoprene padded carry handles offer comfort when carrying the E-Swift.

Impact Resistant Rubberised Corners

Feel confident using the E-Swift, as its durable casing and reinforced corners ensure it's rugged and adventure-ready.

Ultra Bright LED Screen

The LED screen provides a crystal-clear display of your inflatable's progress.