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Crafting Waves: The Design Journey Behind Cruise Lite & Upgraded Carbon Paddle Board Range

Cruise Lite New Paddle Board Range

Cruise Lite & Upgraded Carbon Paddle Board Range

How do you kickstart your design process?

Our design journey begins with in depth market research and product testing. We deep dive into customer feedback, reviews, and closely examine the SUP market, both within and outside the paddleboard realm, to capture the latest trends. Following this, our internal brainstorming sessions serve as the kick off point where creativity thrives. It's here that the sparks of inspiration begin, helping us designers with our starting point.

What can customers anticipate as new?

Get ready for a whole new board with our latest drop: the Cruise Lite Carbon. This innovation comes packed with fresh features, including a slick X-Weave Stringer system that keeps your ride solid as a rock out on the waves, without the extra weight. Also, if you're a fan of the eye-catching Sunburst Orange from our Cruise 10’8 range, you're in luck – we've brought that same pop of color to the Cruise Lite lineup too!

Why the decision to develop this new paddle board range?

Our decision to embark on this journey was spurred by a clear customer demand for lighter paddleboards. Recognizing the desire among water enthusiasts to enjoy their time on the waves without the hassle of heavy equipment, we set out to create a lightweight, yet sturdy SUP solution. Our research revealed a gap in the market for boards that not only shed weight but also maintained optimal tracking and performance, leading us to develop the Cruise Lite paddle board range with all the benefits & features of a sup but at a fraction of the weight.

Cruise Lite Orange Paddle Board
Cruise Lite Carbon Paddle Board

What are the standout benefits of Cruise Lite Orange?

The Cruise Lite paddle board range boasts lightweight excellence, offering paddleboarders a high-quality SUP experience like no other. Its standout feature, undoubtedly, is its feather-light construction, making it a breeze to maneuver on and off the water. Our 10” board weighs in at just 7.2KG when fully inflated, with the complete package tipping the scales at a mere 10.1kg, it's a game-changer for those seeking portability without compromise. Additionally, its eye-catching orange shade adds a dash of flair and makes you stand out on the water - it also enhances safety by ensuring heightened visibility on the water.

Cruise Lite New Orange Coloured Board

What are the key advantages of Cruise Lite Carbon?

The Cruise Lite Carbon represents the perfect fusion of weight and performance, thanks to its innovative X-Weave stringer system. Unlike other lightweight SUPs that sacrifice stiffness, this board offers the best of both worlds. The Cruise Lite Carbon also has the advantage of a larger volume which in turn provides a larger cargo space for longer adventures. With an inflated board weight of just 8.6kg, it's remarkably agile yet boasts a remarkable 35% increase in stiffness compared to the original Cruise Lite paddle board range. This ensures a responsive and high performance ride, without compromising on stability or control.

What distinguishes these two models?

Stiffness: The Cruise Lite Carbon stands out with a remarkable 35% increase in stiffness compared to its Cruise Lite counterpart, owing to its innovative X-Weave stringer system.

Design: Inspired by carbon fibre the Cruise Lite Carbon boasts a moody aesthetic to promote its high performance, making it the coolest board on the water in my opinion. Meanwhile, the Sunburst Orange colorway, a fan favorite from our flagship range, adds vibrancy and flair to the Cruise Lite range.

Weight: While the Cruise Lite Orange boasts an inflated board weight of 8.3kg for the 11’4” size, the Cruise Lite Carbon weighs slightly more at 8.6kg, offering a small 300g difference between the two.

Who would benefit most from these boards?

These boards cater to many paddleboarders, offering versatility and performance to all. Anyone who enjoys SUPing and travel will appreciate their compact, lightweight design, perfect for seamless portage on all public transport or hikes. Also, the vibrant orange colorway of the new Cruise Lite and sleek black design of the Carbon model make for instagram worthy shots against the water. Moreover, the 10” variant is an ideal choice for teenagers and kids seeking a larger board without the burden of excessive weight, making it accessible and enjoyable for all ages and skill levels.

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